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we are all energy transformers
we transform food, water & air into energy without even thinking about it
we transform our thoughts into feelings

About Emotional
Freedom Therapy

Emotional freedom therapy, or also known as EFT, it a technique that is quickly gaining popularity among the spiritual healing communities. It is also referred to as tapping. What EFT does us takes negative feelings, thoughts, and energy and turns them into positives. When working with EFT, it is done so from a safe place and proven to overcome past traumas. EFT as an easy practice to learn and even a beginner in spiritual healing can catch on immediately. EFT is proven to help with physical and emotional pain, negative emotions, and even reduce food cravings. My name is Richard and I am a member of the Cabin Holistic Team, specializing in EFT Trauma therapy, and can help you get started on your journey today.


60-85% of all illnesses are psychosomatic. This means we create them ourselves with this blocked energy in our minds. Most of us, in the past, buried our heads in the sand. Rather than accepting the shame of making ourselves ill, most of us subconsciously, blame other people, places, and things.

By accepting that we at times that we have been our own worst enemy, this can start the healing process and can be a great weight off our shoulders thus creating sturdy foundations that give us the strength to drive forward the self-healing process with EFT.

Depression, Stress, & Anxiety

Depression stress and anxiety are blocked energy in the body, by unblocking the flow of this energy we can free ourselves of these debilitating conditions. Learning to use EFT teaches us how to better live in the day, in the moment, in the now.


Energy is always changing and can always be retransformed .if you have lived with a negative energy around a person, place or thing, you now have the capability to change that negative energy into a positive one. You do not do this work for this other entity, you do it for yourself, unblocking this energy in your body, that is eating away at you. If the other entity benefits from your change of heart energy, so be it.

The Benefits of EFT


Then we can tap separately on each stress point, removing the general stress out of the way to enable us to see the underlying root causes of stress that keep rearing their ugly heads.


For too long we blame the other person for our problems but the fact is it’s our thinking and feeling about that person that creates the picture we have of him/her or our relationship with that person.


Using POSITIVE EFT in the same manner as with stress enables one to separate all the different forms of anxiety in one’s life and by tapping away the surface anxieties one can find the original cause.


For many years it is understood that the biggest breakthrough in any patient pulling through an illness is down to how well they are mentally and emotionally.Using Positive EFTcan empower you through your healing.


Depression comes from dwelling on the past .with Positive EFT one learns how to take control of the here and now .by learning to let go of the past and live in the present one can better handle depression.

self Harm

Some of us don’t take to addiction but find other ways through the pain. For some of us, self-harm keeps our secrets secret and sadly there is a relief when we harm ourselvesEFT opens up the healing so we don’t have to hurt ourselves.

Meet the teacher and founder of EFT House

“EFT shows each of us how to reclaim our heritage as Energy Transformers once learned we are energy Transformers and we can share this with our family and friends.”
– Richard TIERNEY (Founder and Teacher)

More about eft

Positive Emotional  Freedom Technique is a tool that everyone should be able to access and I understand and believe that my life path was chosen for me, that I am here right now to share with as many of my people as possible how they can heal themselves and others. This is a technique that can be learned face to face and in those instances where that isn’t possible, over the phone or in the written word. Yet, to have this mode of online teaching and lessons at our fingertips, it would be remiss of me not to take up the challenge and share this with all the people the world wide web gives us access to.

I have worked with clients who have had spider phobias, snake phobias and after 20 minutes of Positive Emotional Freedom Technique, they have reported that they no longer suffer those fears. I worked with one client who was unable to leave her home due to her social anxiety, and within 10 minutes of using Positive EFT techniques, the client just got up and walked out of her home. I believe there are others out there who suffer from such phobias and fears and are unable to get to have the opportunity to see how an EFT therapist can help, and by creating  EFT House,  my goal is to open up many opportunities and access to poeple worldwide.

Let the healing start today

Contact me anytime with any question. I am here to help and will respond right away.