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Meet Richie

Avid practitioner and teacher of EFT – Emotional Freedom Therapy

About Me

My name is Richard Tierney, born and raised in Ireland to a loving and nurturing family. I am the second eldest of five children. Unbeknown to my family, I suffered a traumatic experience which led me to believe I was damaged goods. I spent the next 15 years finding any way possible to self-medicate my pain. I didn’t start out with the intention of ending up where I finished and I believed I was alone and the only way to get through this was to keep it a secret.

It took 15 years to come to the realization that secrets kill. I then made the decision to go to any lengths to find a reason to live. A way to live. A desire to live. And acceptance of who I am, and through these goals, to become a part of rather than apart from. Some 10 tears later on my journey or discovery, I was introduced to EFT. It was solely by chance. I was in a coffee shop and this fellow traveler whom I barely knew, asked to sit down and proceeded to suggest he had something he felt would benefit me.

Currently, I am a member of the Cabin Holistic Team specializing in EFT Trauma Therapy at the Cabin Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center, in Northern Thailand. As a Mindful Facilitator and member of the Relaxation Meditation Team, I work with individuals on a daily basis and see the healing working for others every day! Presently, I am continuing my training with my TRE license with my goal to further increase my ability to healp and heal in as many ways as possible. Helping others with their trauma, big and small.


‘It was EFT, a life-changing moment’

My Journey to EFT

– I have to admit, I was skeptical even though I made a decision many years before to keep an open mind and try anything and everything.

I tried it on a safe emotion. Immediately, when I began I felt a change come over me. So I continued. I played around with it over the coming years, primarily for myself and as my party piece, until I was approached to get involved in my present work.

I decided to see if there was any good training to really take my practice to the next level. I bought all the books, I got my hands on all the videos, and I watched every YouTube upload that’s out there. Eventually, after  comparing all the different course out there, I came across the one course that I personally believe to be the crowning jewel, and that was “The Master Practitioner Course with the Guild of Energist”

It has been my experience that all energy work for the human body is ever changing. The advancements the Guild achieved was exactly what I needed. I have no doubt that this practice will continue to evolve. As we are spiritual beings have a physical experience on this earth and being unique, everything we touch leads to it being more personalized for each of us. There are many points on the human body to heal stress and chances are, what works best for you will in all likelihood be a different point than what works for me.

The exciting news is that EFT works!

Emotional Freedom Therapy Works

Not only for me. Not only for you. But for…

Our Children

Our Families

Our Friends

Our Communities

With EFT, we get to teach or treat others. But the added bonus is id there is someone who can do with some good energy or a good unblocking, but is too far away or not approachable, then we can send the energy to them