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The history of

Positive EFT

It all started with Roger Callaghan

Roger Callaghan created TFT (Though Freedom Therapy)

From as early as the 1950’s he worked with patients with energy blockages such as anxiety and it was later in the early 80’s that he started using TFT to great effect.  My next personal learning experience was through  Daniel Craig who evolved TFT  into EFT. EFT [emotional Freedom therapy] targeted one’s emotions incorporating the TFT set up the phrase‘’Even though I feel ………………….. I deeply and completely love and accept myself or words to that effect.

Robert Smith created Faster EFT  which fixed on shortening this setup phrase and targeting the emotional energy from the start. 

Nick Ortner and his sister Jessica Ortner, both in their own fields, further developed EFT and got others involved through their great work with their published works and more importantly their Tapping World Summit which made EFT more accessible than ever before. Robert, Nick, and Jessica continue to do great work in their chosen fields and are a credit to themselves for their achievements in their works.

TFT and, in turn, all of the evolvements into EFT, FEFT, TAPPING SOLUTION and now POSITIVE EFT was created to relieve clients of emotional blockages in their energy system, The first reported case was that of a client of the founder of TFT ,he had hoped to relieve her anxiety and through the first session of TFT the client experienced the removal of a long help phobia of water. So much so that they went to her home after that first impromptu session where she took a swim and the rest, as they say, is history.

I learned from Daniel Craig how he used EFT to help one client get over a snake phobia whilst another lowered their golf handicap. I have spent the last 15 years researching, studying, learning practicing EFT in all its forms to greatly improve my own life and that of my community. 

I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my Peers, those who have gone before me and so did more research, broadening my search to find, what I felt was the best certification to achieve. With this in mind, I searched the world wide web and came across the GUILD OF ENERGIST founded by Dr. Silvia Hartmann.

Everything I read up on this organization and the great work Silva and her teams has achieved showed me the path I wished to follow.

I enrolled in the Master Practitioners Certificate Training, and am delighted with all I have learned. As Silvia and her instructors conveyed, ‘Energy is Energy, every person, place, and thing is a form of Energy and as such always evolving’. This made great sense to me, helping me choose this path.

I presently work at the CABIN [alcohol and drug] treatment center in northern Thailand as the resident practicing EFT trauma therapist. My own successes have led to one client clearing her social phobia of not being able to leave her home without a 2-hour process and after a 20-minute first session she upped and walked out, the social anxiety went since that first session. Two Clients of mine cleared fear of spiders and another recent client cleared her fear of snakes. I state that they cleared them because modern EFT enables a client to take control of the process personally and heal themselves.

Positive EFT is how much Silvia and our teams have done our part to further evolve EFT to reach a broader clientele, be more accessible, and easier to use. Positive EFT suggests for each client to ‘tap’ on whatever words, emotions or pains in the body that represents the Energy Blockage. The client then finishes a session with some Positive Energy Affirmations to recharge their Energy Batteries. Roger Callaghan penned ‘’Awaken the healer within.’’

Knowing that Energy is always evolving as are the Medicines we use such as Positive EFT, by learning this process you too become a Healer in your family and community and as you are unique, meaning your Energy is also unique, you will find your application will in all probability change too so I suggest ‘’you grab on to this learning experience and enjoy the ride of your life, your new life where you become a Healer too”


‘’Grab on to this learning experience and enjoy the ride of your life, your new life where you become a Healer too”